Plenty of Cuddles, Love and Care

Our Baby Bear and Snuggle Bear infant rooms are safe, hygienic and stimulating spaces with experienced caregivers to attend to your infants’ needs in a loving and responsive manner. The Baby Bear classroom is designed for newborns 6 weeks and older. The Snuggle Bear classroom accommodates older infants who are beginning to crawl and explore their environment.

Sensory Exploration

Since infants learn about their world through their senses, we provide sensory experiences via music, sound toys, textured materials, use wall and floor mirrors, and activities like finger painting and water play to give meaning to their world and assist with their overall development and growth.

Language Exploration

Reciprocal interaction is vital to your baby’s social, emotional and cognitive development. Therefore, at Kids in the Village Early Learning Center we talk to them throughout the day--while changing a diaper, during feeding and holding times, pointing out objects of interest, using rhymes, songs, and reading to them. They, in turn, begin to vocalize sounds to themselves, people and toys. This creates a responsive and learning environment.

Fine and Gross Motor Exploration

At Kids in the Village Early Learning Center, we understand the importance of strengthening your infants’ fine and gross motor muscles. Therefore, we engage in daily “tummy” time on a cushioned mat, provide rattles, infant climbers and various toys to encourage their ongoing growth in this area.