Instilling a Love of Learning

The preschool years are a unique time in the life of a young child. During this stage, they begin to broaden their level of trust to include people that do not belong to their immediate family. They are independent, learn to better control their emotions, engage in socially acceptable ways and are keen observers of their environment.

Language and Literacy

Preschoolers have inquiring minds and as a result will ask lots of questions to come to an understanding of how things function and interact with one another. They will begin to respond to comments from others, listen and participate in story time, understand that print carries a message, recognize and identify letters by name. To assist with their development, our school offers hands-on developmentally appropriate practices such as word walls, Big Books, audio books, a variety of paper, pencils, markers, chalk, magazines, and alphabet games.

 Experiential Learning Centers

Learning Centers are physical spaces in a classroom that have been specifically designated to encourage further exploration, interaction with peers and self-directed learning. Common Learning Centers that will be found at our school include: Science, Art, Dramatic Play, Transportation and Blocks, Manipulatives, Listening and Sensory.

Physical Development

Preschoolers have mastered or begin to display emerging skills in running, swinging, catching a ball, and walking on a balance beam. This increases their self-confidence and they are eager to try new challenges like kicking and catching a ball. Fine motor muscles in the hand and wrist for cutting paper and utilizing writing tools are still emerging skills which require constant practice and encouragement. Our Preschool Department is actively involved in weekly Gym, Music/Bible and Art Enrichment classes.

Social skills

Socialization is crucial to the social and emotional development of children preparing to enter kindergarten. It refers to the ability to interact with both adults and children, follow rules and routines and behave in a socially acceptable way. We believe that each child is a uniquely created gift from God and made in His Image. We strive to create an environment where children are accepted and celebrated at each area of their development and are given the necessary tools to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We count it a privilege to partner with parents to assist them in the vital role of preparing their children for elementary school. Parent-Teacher Conferences occur during winter and spring. This designated time allows parents and teachers to discuss their mutual goals for their children’s development. Read more on Preschool Curriculum…