Emerging Independence, Encouragement and Support

During this developmental stage, your child will become mobile and explore the world from a different perspective. This increases their level of curiosity. A balance has to be created in their environment to provide encouragement and support, while at the same time, set limits to ensure ongoing safety.

Sensory Exploration

Your toddlers’ five senses still continue to play an important role to create meaning in his/her world. This is encouraged through the use of paints, play dough, crayons, dress up and role play. Kids in the Village Early Learning Center provides a weekly Music/Bible class which allows them to use a variety of musical instruments and visual aids to learn about the Bible.

Language/ Cognitive Exploration

Language and reasoning is emerging and our caregivers talk and interact with your toddlers constantly to provide them with a baseline of words to help with their developing vocabulary. Daily reading by the caregivers is done both verbally and through the use of audio books.

Circle time

Circle time is an interactive and meaningful time of songs, learning about the days of the week, the months and the plan for the day. Although circle time is brief for this age, it provides routine and this creates a sense of security in any child.

Motor Development

Large motor muscles are developing and outside playtime is both fun and stimulating for your child at this age. Kids in The Village Early Learning Center has a toddler playground with a soft sponge surface covering to provide opportunities for toddlers to climb, run, walk and use push/ride on toys. We utilize a walk rope to explore the rest of the campus. Our older toddlers have Gym class with our gym teacher twice a week. Read more on Toddlers Curriculum...